Memories of an Apprentice: Florian Gadsby

florian gadsby apprentice slate jpg webp Memories of an Apprentice: Florian Gadsby Lisa Hammond

A potter with an online following in the millions, Florian Gadsby spends much of his time in self-reflection. Here he turns his attention to the work of his former teacher, and memories of his extraordinary apprenticeship. I spent three years working alongside Lisa Hammond as one of her many apprentices. She’s taught more than a … Read more

Inspire Me | Lisa Hammond | Part 1

Lisa Hammond

On a visit to see Lisa Hammond’s new work, the We Love Clay team were treated to a conversation about making pots with one hand, the glaze effects found when firing with soda and new forms. Lisa also talks about the difference between making functional ware and one-off exhibition pieces. She tells us how she … Read more

Exhibition | Lisa Hammond

WLC lisa hammond walkthrough 2022 jpg webp Exhibition | Lisa Hammond Lisa Hammond

Join presenter, Max Waterhouse, as he takes us on a tour of the latest major Lisa Hammond exhibition at Goldmark. Over three years in the making, this show comprises over 200 of some of the finest pots she has ever made.

Sake and Ceramics

Lisa Hammond Sake Cups

‘No blossoms and no moon And he is drinking sake all alone’ Haiku by Matsuo Bashō A love of nature, and of being part of the group, are intensely important to the Japanese, so this little haiku is a picture of sadness. Sake is meant to be drunk with others, and pouring for each other … Read more

Masterclass | Lisa Hammond | Making Cups

lisa hammond mc yunomi jpg webp Masterclass | Lisa Hammond | Making Cups Lisa Hammond

In this 48 minute film Lisa Hammond MBE talks about her philosophy towards teaching pottery and demonstrates how she makes cups or yunomi. She throws ‘off the hump’ and talks about the wooden tools that she uses. She also demonstrates her carving techniques once the cups are leather hard. Finally, we have a whirlwind tour of her exhibition. (The making sequence starts around 6:00)

Grace and Resolve | Lisa Hammond

lisa hammond 2244 scaled e1624960251176 jpg webp Grace and Resolve | Lisa Hammond Lisa Hammond

What is a potter’s most valued resource? Is it her supplies, her equipment? The pounds she pays for a studio space? I wager most potters working at the very highest level would agree that time, more than any material thing, is most precious. A potter’s life is all rhythm: a dance, or juggling act, between … Read more

Documentary | Lisa Hammond | A Sense of Adventure

lisa hammond tb jpg webp Documentary | Lisa Hammond | A Sense of Adventure Lisa Hammond

This documentary follows top UK studio potter Lisa Hammond as she prepares for her 2012 Goldmark exhibition.

Delving into her artistic practice, it provides an insight in to the various stages that go into making her distinctive pieces. We see Lisa at her wheel throwing chawans (teabowls) and a large tsubo jar; firing and unpacking her kiln; and talking about her influences over the years, in particular her love of the Japanese pot making tradition. Also captured on camera is her technique of spraying the soda solution direct into the firebox over a period of three hours, creating the characteristically rich and varied surfaces of her pots.

In Focus | Time for Tea: the Humble Joy of a Handmade Mug

Tea Ceramics Lisa Hammond Teapot 1024x597 jpg webp In Focus | Time for Tea: the Humble Joy of a Handmade Mug Lisa Hammond

In his seminal 1975 publication The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, Warhol wrote of Coca-Cola as an icon of consumer egalitarianism: ‘What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest. You can be watching TV and see Coca-Cola, and you know that … Read more