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Even the most ascetic, least material of monks has need of three things: robes, in which to clothe himself; a temple, in which to shelter himself; and a bowl, with which to feed himself.
On Saturday 25th March Goldmark will be hosting its fourth exhibition of ceramics by the internationally renowned studio potter Phil Rogers.
Three different kilns; three very different firings; every 80 guinomi set potter Phil Rogers puts together is truly a labour of pottery love.
Published in full, our interview with top British potter Phil Rogers to accompany a highly successful fourth ceramics exhibition at Goldmark.
One of the simplest ceramic forms with the most basic of uses, the jug has a complex history. Read our latest ceramics musing on jugs of the past and present.
Here we take a look at Phil Rogers working with glazes in his studio. We see Phil applying Nuka, Shino and Tenmoku glazes to bisque-fired chawans, yunomis and bottles and experimenting with new glaze recipes and the peculiar behaviours and qualities of each glaze.
First built in 2008, Rogers' wood kiln now takes its place in his regular rotation of firings throughout the year, its occasional volatility and disobedient nature easily outweighed by the quality of work it produces.
Back in 2012 at the book launch for our ceramics publication Phil Rogers: A Portfolio, potter Phil Rogers presented an in-depth lecture on his life and work and gave a fascinating throwing demonstration in our gallery front room.