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Rewilding Tradition

Anne Mette’s mission to unearth the hidden clays and minerals on the island of Bornholm shows that tradition need not be staid and sterile, writes

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Akiko Hirai: Still Unfolding

High above the glaze-spattered floor of Akiko Hirai’s studio, Moon Jars roost on the shelves like tranquil, plump-bellied hens. The traditional Korean vessel – named

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The White of the Moon

How the colour of light, snow and shamanic dance has shaped the Korean nation Sister Sun and Brother Moon There is an old tale in

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Kang-hyo Lee, In Conversation 

Korea, Lee Kang-hyo tells us, is a country made of mountains, run through with rivers, and full of gentle curves. In these interview extracts we

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A Beautiful Strangeness

It happens in an instant. She had picked up the plastic cup from the floor and, unthinking, in one motion, lent back and let it

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One of British Ceramics’ Greats

Richard Batterham was an exceptional potter whose like only comes along very occasionally. In 1981, Crafts magazine (No. 33) published an article by Richard Batterham,

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Shells in Ceramics

Sebastian Blackie explores elusive answers to a simple question: who first used shells when firing their pots? When clay is heated to stoneware temperatures, in

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Patterns for Production | Eric Ravilious

Ravilious’ ceramics for Wedgwood – not as well known, perhaps, as his fine and graphic art – have become a sort of holy grail for design collectors. They are applied design at its very best; quite rare and certainly rarefied.

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Spontaneous Drawing

Geographically Clive Bowen seems more than appropriately sited as a potter – living and working at Shebbear, in the remoter Devon valleys near Great Torrington. 

Lisa Hammond Potter

Lisa Hammond: Urban Potter

Each Lisa Hammond pot has a life of its own, its own sense of renewal. They all offer their own pleasures, an intimacy that adds

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Akiko Hirai Getemono

My pots display a lot of marks and traces of past events. To describe them in a conventional and very simplified way, they are ‘dirty’

Lisa Hammond Sake Cups

Sake and Ceramics

‘No blossoms and no moon And he is drinking sake all alone’ Haiku by Matsuo Bashō A love of nature, and of being part of

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The Pleasures of Quiet Pots

‘I really hope that nothing I ever cook takes the attention away from any of Anne Mette’s work, but instead works with it, the two

svend bayer celadon jar


What colour do you see, when you look at the heart of this celadon pot by Svend Bayer? Between the scallop shells, where the warm,

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A Unique Gift

The sureness of hand and eye gives the work a childlike spontaneity only mastered through years of experience. This is the third solo exhibition of

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An Uncompromising Vision

Sometimes a thing in front of you is so big you don’t know whether to comprehend it by first getting a dim sense of the

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The Art of Tea

‘Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage. In China, in the eighth century, it entered the realm of poetry as one of