In Conversation | Anne Mette Hjortshøj | Part 2

anne mette in conversation 2 jpg webp In Conversation | Anne Mette Hjortshøj | Part 2 Decoration

Join us for Part Two of Anne Mette Hjortshøj | In Conversation. Anne Mette talks about making a living as a craftsperson and finding the freedom to create what she wants. She also discusses using shapes and glazes that have come before, about making plates, both thrown and press molded and shows us some examples of her work. She talks about growing up in the countryside, coming from a working family (her father was a traditional carpenter) and how that has inspired and informed her career as a potter.

Masterclass | Kang-hyo Lee | Moon Jars

L1006552 jpg webp Masterclass | Kang-hyo Lee | Moon Jars Decoration

Join the great contemporary Korean potter, Kang-hyo Lee, as he makes moon jars from start to finish.

Kang-hyo Lee’s moon jars are not just beautiful ceramic objects: they are spiritual reflections of the natural world, alternately calm and contemplative, dynamic and dramatic.

Born in Seoul in 1961, Kang-hyo Lee is widely regarded as one of the finest Korean potters working today. His work is rooted in the major Korean ceramic traditions of Onggi pottery – voluminous storage jars originally designed for holding fermented food – and Punch’ong decoration, where white slip is layered and brushed over dark clay.

Perhaps the most beguiling of his many beautiful forms, however, are Lee’s moon jars, a type of pottery that inhabits a special place in the history of Korean ceramics.

In his moon jars, however, the decorative process is slowed to a serenely meditative pace. Scratched and splattered slip-marks echo dappled moonlight between woodland trees; blushes of peach and cream-white reflect the luminescence of a full-moon in the early evening sky.

Both quiet and vital, powerful and with presence, Lee’s moon jars are the intimate results of his search for a beautiful life.

Talking Pots | Anne Mette Hjortshøj | Square Bottles

talking pots anne mette sq bottle jpg webp Talking Pots | Anne Mette Hjortshøj | Square Bottles Decoration

Anne Mette Hjortshøj looks at one of her trademark square bottles and reveals the surprising way they are constructed. She talks about the importance of getting away from the wheel and how these bottles serve as a canvas for decoration and experimentation.