Documentary | Koichiro Isezaki: Bizen Born

WLC koichiro isezaki slate 2 scaled Documentary | Koichiro Isezaki: Bizen Born Wood Firing

Koichiro Isezaki: Bizen Born is a captivating new Goldmark documentary that delves into the life and work of Koichiro Isezaki, the son of renowned potter and National Living Treasure, Jun Isezaki. Filmed on location in the ancient pottery town of Bizen, Japan, we follow Koichiro as he meticulously crafts pieces for his inaugural solo exhibition … Read more

Fire, Wood and Clay: What’s in an Aesthetic?

WLC featured image fire wood clay jpg webp Fire, Wood and Clay: What's in an Aesthetic? Wood Firing

There can be no denying it: there’s something about wood-firing that produces special pots. But what is it about the wood-fired aesthetic (if there even is one) that captivates? Where does our appreciation for it begin? And, perhaps most important of all: is it still relevant today? Is the wood-fired aesthetic right for our age? … Read more

In Conversation | Anne Mette Hjortshøj | Part 3

Anne Mette Hortshøj in Conversation

Join Anne Mette Hjortshøj in the third and final instalment of our conversation with her on the tiny island of Bornholm off the coast of Denmark. She talks about her support network on the island and the ever-changing relationship between a potter and their kiln, with all the failures that go with it. She speaks of the importance of mentors and the deep satisfaction of making things. Also, we hear her surprise at the continued response to the documentary that brought her and her work international acclaim.

Documentary | Ken Matsuzaki | Elemental

documentary ken matsuzaki elemen jpg webp Documentary | Ken Matsuzaki | Elemental Wood Firing

Ken Matsuzaki is a Japanese potter working from Mashiko who enjoys an international reputation. He was apprenticed to the late Tatsuzo Shimaoka (National Living Treasure) who in turn had been apprenticed to Shoji Hamada. Matsuzki’s work can be seen in some of the world’s most prestigious private collections.

This 45 minute film shows him throwing in his workshop and features unique footage of him firing his Anagama kiln, with the help of British potter Phil Rogers who commentates on the process. The film ends with Matsuzaki’s 2007 major exhibition of pots at the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham, Rutland.

Talking Pots | Nic Collins | Enormous Dishes

tp nc enormous dish jpg webp Talking Pots | Nic Collins | Enormous Dishes Wood Firing

Made for a major UK exhibition, these dishes only just squeezed into his new anagama kiln with inches to spare and survived the five day wood firing needed to decorated these astonishing pots with ash.

Unfortunately, some of the surrounding pots weren’t so lucky, breaking during the firing and eventually becoming part of the surface of these large dishes. But Collins is very philosophical about it “This is all part of the story, this is what I love about wood firing”.

Watch the film to find out the full story!

Documentary | Phil Rogers | Drawing in the Air

479639214 640 jpg webp Documentary | Phil Rogers | Drawing in the Air Wood Firing

Filmed on location in Wales, this documentary follows Phil Rogers as he prepares for his 2014 ceramics exhibition at Goldmark Gallery – his first major show in 6 years.

The film shows Rogers at work in and around his studio in Rhayader, Mid-Wales. It shows him throwing cups, bowls and jugs, glazing and decorating and opening his oil and wood-fired kilns.

Rogers discusses his life as a studio potter and the challenges involved. The film also shows a range of his current work.