For over 20 years the Goldmark team has travelled the globe, making award-winning documentaries on some of the world’s greatest potters and artists. We Love Clay was born from these experiences.

We noticed something very special about these extraordinary people, and their work. As well as displaying the highest levels of craft skills and dedication, the very best of them channel something extra into their work; call it humanity or soul, a kind of spirit or energy. Our dream is to share their thoughts, their philosophies and their actions in the hope that we will inspire, entertain and inform you, the We Love Clay community.

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Whether you’re an experienced maker, a new potter just starting out, or a lover of the hand-made, join us to learn more about this ancient craft, watch and listen to the great masters and share your journey with like-minded people. Our articles, shop and community are freely available for all to enjoy as are our feature documentaries on YouTube and Vimeo.

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You can take your membership further, for a small monthly fee, and have full access to all of our documentaries, mini films and archive material. Plus you will receive a discount from all of the products in our shop. Subscriber support enables us to continue to seek out great makers and to document their lives and working practices. We have very exciting plans for the future and as the community grows we look forward to sharing them with you here at We Love Clay.

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