A Beautiful Strangeness

jng beautiful strangeness jpg webp A Beautiful Strangeness Jean-Nicolas Gérard

It happens in an instant. She had picked up the plastic cup from the floor and, unthinking, in one motion, lent back and let it go, watching it hang in mid-air for a second, before seeing it tumble into what had looked like an empty sink. A sharp ring, followed by the mocking laughter of … Read more

A Unique Gift

L1006382 jpg webp A Unique Gift Jean-Nicolas Gérard

The sureness of hand and eye gives the work a childlike spontaneity only mastered through years of experience. This is the third solo exhibition of Jean-Nicolas Gérard’s pots at Goldmark. What more can usefully be written? I suspect many of the gallery’s patrons are already converted, enthusiastic to see his latest works. They will not … Read more

Exhibition | Jean-Nicolas Gérard

exhibition jean nicolas gerard jpg webp Exhibition | Jean-Nicolas Gérard Jean-Nicolas Gérard

An opportunity to enjoy an extensive walk around French slipware master, Jean-Nicolas Gérard’s 2020 Goldmark exhibition. Max Waterhouse introduces us to Gérard’s new range of white ware and talks us through a variety of very individual, whimsical forms and expressive, animated decorative techniques.

In Conversation | Jean-Nicolas Gérard | Part 3

ic jng 3 jpg webp In Conversation | Jean-Nicolas Gérard | Part 3 Jean-Nicolas Gérard

Jean-Nicolas describes himself as an artisan craftsman who, above all, wants his pottery to be used and enjoyed. His work ranges from small mugs, bowls, plates and dishes to large jars and press moulded platters. All are decorated with slip and many with sgraffito and finger marks. He takes the tradition of European slipware and infuses it with elements from modern painting, medieval earthenware and Japanese pottery. In this series he talks about throwing, glazing and decorating and explores the influences that nature and his surrounding landscape have on his pottery.

In Conversation | Jean-Nicolas Gérard | Part 1

in conversation jean nicolas ger jpg webp In Conversation | Jean-Nicolas Gérard | Part 1 Jean-Nicolas Gérard

French slipware potter Jean-Nicolas Gérard talks about the inspiration he has drawn from local Provençal pottery and the countryside around his Valensole home. He speaks of the joy of making utilitarian ware to be used and enjoyed everyday, the influence of Japanese pottery, the decorative techniques that he employs and his need for spontaneity, focus and freedom when he is working.

Profile | Jean-Nicolas Gérard: The Potter’s Potter

Jean Nicolas Gerard Opening Kiln featured image jpg webp Profile | Jean-Nicolas Gérard: The Potter's Potter Jean-Nicolas Gérard

Jean-Nicolas Gérard has been working from his studio in the south of France for over 15 years now, producing loose, lively terre vernissée – the French term for slip-decorated earthenware – and enlivening the local Provençal traditions of slipware pottery.