Ken Matsuzaki

, in Trimmings

The Art of Ikebana with Rie Day

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Join Ikebana teacher Rie Day as she works preparing Ken Matsuzki pots for the opening of a major exhibition. She demonstrates Free Style, one of the most recent styles to emerge from Ikenobo School in Kyoto, in conjunction with contemporary environments and tastes.Though there are naturalistic and abstract styles, both use plants in new ways, yet respect the beauty and essential qualities of the materials. Rie also talks about Shoka Style, a simpler style of Ikebana which was established in 18th century. It consists of three main branches expressing life’s perpetual change and renewal, with a focus on a plant’s essence, simply and beautifully.

With over 30 years of experience, Rie Day holds a professor status with Ikenobo Society of Flora Art, Ikenobo’s Headquarters in Kyoto.