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On Saturday 16th June 2012 we hosted the launch of Phil Rogers’ book ‘A Portfolio’ and an exhibition of his recent work.

The launch was no ordinary affair, including a live throwing demonstration which offered our audience the rare chance to watch one of the world’s great potters at work on the wheel in the Gallery.

Rogers gave a talk about his influences and working methods and showed our guests his different techniques as he throws and shapes pots like his yunomis.

Upstairs in the Gallery a one-day exhibition of new work was held, including over 100 pieces.

Phil Rogers’ pots inspire ceramic artists and collectors around the world. In ‘A Portfolio’, a Goldmark publication (£25 available on our website), Rogers pulls together the sources which have fed his creativity over the years, sharing with us his delight in different pots throughout the ages. With over 120 colour photographs, Rogers highlights the links between his own work and those selected pieces he most admires; from the elegant stoneware of Medieval Europe to the honest, unpretentious quality of the Korean potting tradition.