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Even the most ascetic, least material of monks has need of three things: robes, in which to clothe himself; a temple, in which to shelter himself; and a bowl, with which to feed himself.
The more one looks at Collins' bottles, from blistering patches of scarlet to glistening shino glazes, the more of their story they share.
In this intimate interview, British potter and wood-firer extraordinaire Nic Collins discusses his ongoing relationship with fire and clay.
One of the simplest ceramic forms with the most basic of uses, the jug has a complex history. Read our latest ceramics musing on jugs of the past and present.
In this article we read about the huge risks and rewards involved in wood-firing from the point of view of Devon based potter Nic Collins.
Nic Collins is one of the best wood-firing potters in Britain. Here he talks about some of his favourite forms and the methods behind them.
When you first start collecting pots, keeping track of the many different glazes on different pots can be more than a little tricky.